Model for Male Bulge Photos

Model for Male Bulge Photos

One of the
hottest male bulge photos that I have includes a very sexy professional model
that I happened to meet at a hotel once. We were in the elevator together when
I realized who he was, which I am not going to divulge because he asked me not
to. Needless to say, things turned out really good between us in that elevator
and he came back to my room for a drink. Once thing led to another and I told
him I did photography as a hobby. That is when he insisted that I shoot some
pictures of him in the room.

I wasn’t
expecting to get any male bulge photos that day, but when he started undressing
and showing me his naked body, I just had to take some. I told him about my
bulge fetish and even showed him some of the photos that I had brought with me.
He agreed to pose for some to add to my collection as long as I would give him
copies of them. That was almost four years ago and we still meet every once in
a while to take some new photos to add to the collection. Of course, photos
aren’t the only thing we are doing, but that is a different story.


Bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Micro swimwear, sheer swimsuits,
Speedos and other extreme fetish spandex Lycra and mens swimwear designs.

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