Models for Male Bulge Photos

Models for Male Bulge Photos

Some of the
best male bulge photos I have come from going out and finding guys that allowed
me to take their pictures. I know that not all the guys out there are willing
to do something like this, but once you find a couple guys that will, you can
greatly increase the amount of photos you have in your collection. I even have
a guy that comes over once or twice a week to pose for pictures in some of the
sexiest fetish wear I have ever seen. Those are the pictures that I love the
most especially when he is wearing my fetish wear.

I have a few
male bulge photos that I keep for strict private viewing as there is way too
much showing. The fetish wear that was being photographed at that time shows
off much more than anything else I have and the guys that were posing in them
didn’t intend for me to show them off to anyone else. It’s a good thing, too,
because those are the ones that I enjoy looking at the most and the ones that
tend to turn me on over all the others.

There are
times when I wish that I could take male bulge photos of myself to add to the
collection, but I have never had any success with doing that before. I have
tried to use a tripod and everything on my camera and just can’t seem to get
the right pose to make it look good. One of these days, I’m going to ask these
guys that pose for me if they can take my picture as well so that I can see
what my bulge looks like from different angles. Until that day arrives, though,
I will simply enjoy the photos I already have.


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