My Male Bulge Photos Collection

One of the
things I enjoy most is taking male bulge
and adding them to my collection. I have a rather extensive
collection of these kinds of photos, and I love looking through them every
chance I get. Now, this may seem like an odd thing for a guy to have, but I
enjoy the male body and all its sexiness, and love looking over the photos I
have taken. I have quite a few photos that are of me in sexy pouch swimwear
that I have purchased from, and quite a few from other guys that
have allowed me to take them.

Insane bulge suits, cock stretchers, male chastity, extreme mens swimwear, spandex sex wear and so much more!

I have a
club that I like to hang out at on the weekends and I tend to get a lot of guys
coming back home with me to take those hot male
bulge photos
. These guys understand why I like them so much, and they are
more than willing to do what it takes to add to my collection. Now, I do have
to tell you that not all the guys I take photos of get naked or anything. They
just get to parade around in their pouch swimwear so that I can take pictures
of their bulges.

Although not
all the guys get naked, there have been a few guys that I have taken male bulge photos of that ended up
staying the night with me. In fact, one of those guys stayed over just the
other night and we had all kinds of fun together. It all started when I was at
my club having a drink. This extremely sexy guy came in and sat down next to
me. We had a brief conversation about our day and started to get to know each
other a little bit better.

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