Create Your Own Collection of Male Bulge Photos

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Believe it or not, male bulge photos are enjoyed by many adult men of all ages. They subscribe to websites that will email a new photo to them every day. This can go a long way to building up a private online collection of these photos. However, that is not the only way to have a personal album of these types of photos. You can actually create your very own private collection of your favorite photos. It may be a little tricky to accomplish this, but it can be done.


The way to begin is to set yourself up in a place where you are certain to be exposed to plenty of potential male bulge photos. This can be in the middle of a shopping mall, on the beach, by a public swimming pool or even a jogging track. The shopping mall will offer you plenty of guys wearing well-fitted jeans, especially in the crotch area. Beaches and pools are always perfect places to get a good look at some of the most impressive bulges you are likely to see anywhere. Now, you may not have thought of staking out a jogging track, but consider the types of shorts those guys wear when they are jogging and you will understand.

Once you have set yourself up in these places, you can start to surreptitiously take some really great male bulge photos with your cell phone. Of course, you will need to make sure that you have one of the better phones for this so you are certain to get some terrific shots. You don’t even have to worry about having these prints developed. You can simply go home and upload them to your computer. Then you can print them out or set up a folder for them on your computer. There is always the option of saving a few of your favorites to your cell phone. Be very careful, though. You don’t want to get caught and piss anyone off.



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Male Bulge Photos Business


I’ve just begun a brand new business. It is a male bulge photos business and I’m having the time of my life! It all started a long time ago when I realized how much I love to look at photos of mens’ bulges. I know that sounds really weird but, to me, it’s the most natural thing in the world. Just looking at the various types of bulges that men have served to excite me more than little else can. The weird thing is that I’m not actually gay. I mean, I do enjoy looking at these bulges and find them very arousing, but I also enjoy being with women even if I am thinking about some of the latest bulges that I’ve seen lately.


Eventually, it became obvious to me that there’s a demand for male bulge photos. That’s when I started honing my photography skills and opened my own photography business. Obviously, I couldn’t advertise that I was taking those sorts of photographs. It has to be done on the side and in secret. What I was able to get by with, though, was advertising that I specialized in taking naughty photos for couples. For example, if a woman wanted a special intimate photo for her husband as a gift, I take those types of photos. For some reason, that sort of photography doesn’t bother people so much.


At any rate, taking male bulge photos became easier. Once I started meeting guys that were proud of their bodies, it was a simple matter to talk them into posing for me. I meet some of these guys in person when they come in for one of my special photos or even online. Since I get signed releases from the men I photograph, I am able to sell them as art. It really has been a very profitable business as well as a lot of fun. You simply wouldn’t believe what a demand there is for these types of photos.


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The Desire to see Real Male Bulge Photos


Most of the male bulge photos that I see online are good photos but I want something a little more artistic in nature. I am sure that there are people in the world taking artistic shots of male genitalia but I just can’t seem to find them anywhere. Instead, I have to look around on porn sites for guys that still have their clothes on and are in the process of taking them off to have sex. That way I get to see the bulge that I want to see, but it just isn’t the same thing as what I truly want to see.

I did spend some time looking at pictures of male ballet dancers to see what kind of male bugle photos I could get from that. While I did notice that the bulges were extraordinary, there was something about them that I just didn’t feel right about. That is when I found out that most of the male ballet dancers out there had a jockstrap like thing on under their tights that made their bulges stick out and none of it was real. I was a bit upset about all that and stopped looking at those photos for a few months.

Swimwear sites seem to have some great examples of male bulge photos, I have noticed, and I do enjoy looking at them whenever I get the chance. I like the fact that the guys modeling the swimwear are all hard bodied and everything, too. But the bugles are real and that is what is important to me. I just wish they would focus on the bulge aspect a little more and do it in an artistic fashion. I am happy with getting whatever I can these days until I find the site of my dreams and get to explore that side of the bulge world.

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My Male Bulge Photos Secret

The male bulge photos that I enjoy looking at all have to do with sexy swimwear that I find online. I don’t have a collection of them or anything like that and I don’t go out in public and snap photos of guys crotches, either. I just sit on my computer and look through swimwear sites in the hopes of seeing a bulge that I might like. I’m sure that if anyone found out about me doing this I would probably upset a lot of people, especially my wife, but I do my best to keep it a secret.

I don’t know what it is about male bulge photos that turns me on as much as they do. I am married, and have been for over twenty years, but those bulges just make me hard as a rock for some reason. The funny thing about it all is that I don’t like looking at another man’s cock at all. Even watching porn makes me uneasy when there is a cock involved. But those bulge photos make me want to explode as soon as I see them for some reason. I can’t explain it and nor do I want to anymore.

I love looking at my male bulge photos whenever I can and will continue to do it for as long as possible. I have thought about telling my wife, but she wouldn’t understand it at all. She would think that there was something wrong with me even if it was making me hard for her. So this is one secret that I will have to keep to myself for a while. Maybe when she starts showing signs of dementia I will tell her and hope that she forgets about it before getting upset. Or I will just keep it a secret and live my life the way I have been for so many years.



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Desiring Male Bulge Photos Variety

Looking through some of the male bulge photos online, I came to the conclusion that my collection just doesn’t have the variety that I think it should. I have enough of photos in my collection to last me a lifetime, but I want different poses and different guys in my collection. I have never copied or saved any of my photos from the Internet, which is probably why I don’t have that much of a variety at the moment. In fact, I have only had four guys offer me the opportunity to take photos of them.

Finding guys that will allow me to take male bulge photos of them probably isn’t such a difficult thing to do in the town I live in, but I am scared that some guys will think that I am hitting on them or something. I know it can be weird to have someone walk up to you and ask to take a picture of your cock, so I have to find a subtler way of asking these things. Maybe I can find a forum or group online that might be a bit more understanding of what I was looking for with my fetish.

Until I am able to find a couple guys that I can take male bugle photos of, I will have to suffice with looking online. I don’t mind it all that much but, when I am taking the photos myself, I tend to remember the moment when I look at them later. But I can get just about as much pleasure out of looking at photos online and that is the whole purpose of having a fetish of this nature. I just have to be careful that no one finds out about my little fetish anytime soon so that I can keep my secret. It is not one that I really want to become public.


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Solo Male Bulge Photos

Solo Male Bulge Photos 

Taking male
bulge photos of myself may seem like a strange hobby to most people, but I find
it perfectly normal. I love being in front of a camera and posing while I am
showing off my bulge. Besides, it’s not like anyone else is going to see these
photos of me anyway. I tend to keep things like this a secret so that people
can’t use them against me in some way. I had a girlfriend once that found my
stash and thought it would be funny to post them all over as many social media
sites as she could find.

Once I was
able to live the fact down that I had taken male bulge photos of myself and
accept the fact that some people were just going to think I was weird, I was
able to move on with my life. Actually, the joke was kind of on her because
there were a lot of people that really loved seeing those pictures.  I started to enjoy the single life again and
ended up taking more photos of my highly impressive bulge. It’s interesting to
think that the one thing that drove my ex to me was the exact same thing that
drove her away as well. I honestly don’t think she could handle the sheer size
of the bulge that I have anyway.

If you are
like me and you enjoy taking male bulge photos of yourself, then you might want
to refrain from showing them off to others that might not accept the artistry
that is involved. Keeping a secret like this might not seem like something you
would want to do at first, but once you have people judging you simply for
snapping pictures of your crotch, then the whole world is going to seem like it
is staring at you every time you walk out your front door. It’s one of those
things I have had to live with my entire adult life and you most likely will
have to do the same.




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Creating a Variety in Male Bulge Photos

Creating a Variety in Male Bulge Photos

One thing
that you will notice about the male bulge photos you can find online is that
they all seem to be the same. Some guy wearing something that makes his cock
stand out and usually posing in the same way. Now, I don’t have any problems
with that per se, but I do think that the photographers could get a bit more
creative in what they are doing. I know that I would have a lot of fun with
these guys in showing off their bulges in different ways. Maybe I should become
a photographer and start my own bulge photo site.

I have
thought about taking my own male bulge photos in the past, but I don’t think I
could find anyone in my little town that would be willing to pose for me. I could
always try to take photos of my own bulge, but I wouldn’t want to share those
with the rest of the world. I have a hard enough time wearing my swimwear out
to the local beach because I am so self-conscious about the way my body looks
that I feel everyone is judging me even if they are acting like they aren’t
paying any attention to me.


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Maybe one of
these days I will find someone that would be willing to share my love for male
bulge photos and they will allow me to take their picture. Until then, I will have
to be satisfied with what is available for me to look at and be thankful that
there are guys in the world that will pose for these kinds of photos. I just
wish that I could find someone that would take a bit of imagination and mix it
in with the photos they are taking of these guys so that I could see something
different once in a while. Maybe I’ll take that into my own hands one day.

Loving my Male Bulge Photos

Loving my Male Bulge Photos

Taking male
bulge photos is one of those hobbies that I enjoy more than anything else. I
have had plenty of different hobbies over the years and never thought I would
be involved in anything like this, but I do enjoy it so I guess I am now stuck.
I simply love the way a man’s bulge looks, especially when they are wearing
some kind of sexy swimwear like a pouch. Those are some of my favorite photos
to take and I have a rather large collection of them from guys that are willing
to wear that type of swimwear for me.

I thought
about taking male bulge photos as a career, but there doesn’t seem to be as
many people in the world that enjoy looking at my photos as I do. That’s okay
though since I was a bit shy about giving my photos away like that. I guess
that it’s better if I keep all my photos in my collection secret from people
that might not understand what it is I see in them. Besides, I am getting tired
of trying to explain to people why I like these photos so much. I think some
people are getting tired of hearing me explain it as well.

If you have
a fetish for male bulge photos, then you know what it means to have your
favorites in your collection. The sad thing is that all of the photos I have
taken end up being my favorites. I spend a lot of time looking over my photos
and getting ideas for the future. In the end, that is what it’s all about. I
simply can’t go an entire week without taking some new photos and the
collection that I have now has helped me figure out what kind of setup I would
like to do for the next set.


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Posing for Male Bulge Photos

Posing for Male Bulge Photos

I’ve been told that I’ve got one of the nicest cocks
that anyone has ever seen. Since I’ve always lived with it, I can’t really see
what the big deal is all about but I’m constantly being asked to pose for male
bulge photos. At first, it used to kind of freak me out when these random guys
would approach me, camera in hand, and ask me to pose for them. Eventually, I
found out that there’s a whole cult like group of men in the world that collect
these photos. Who would have thought something like this existed?

At any rate, I started to accept some of the offers
made to me by these men. Of course, I was selective about who I agreed to pose
for because, sometimes, these guys would seem like they were a little freaky. I
said no to them because they actually scared me a little.  For the rest of them, though, posing for male
bulge photos made me some pretty decent money. I was a real life model. So it
was a sweet deal for me because I could tell chicks that I was trying to pick
up that I was a model. That always got them going and usually had them leaving
to go home with me.

They usually never asked me if I had pictures in
anything that they may have seen me, but when they did, I’d tell them that I
did exclusive modeling for various clients and I was under contract not to tell
anyone. They always bought it and never asked me any further questions. But it
sure did get me laid a lot. Also, these chicks liked the way my cock looked,
too. For me, it was a win-win situation and one that I took full advantage of.

I still do posing for these male bulge photos from
time to time. What can I say? It helps keep money in my savings account.


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Modeling for Male Bulge Photos

Modeling for Male Bulge Photos

I have been
asked recently if I want to be a part of a male bulge photos collection. I
wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but the guy that was asking me assured me
that it would never be made public unless I allowed it. I still had no idea
what he was talking about and he invited me over to his place to see some of
the photos that he had taken over the years. I was just curious enough to go
with him and ended up being amazed at the photos he laid out in front of me on
the table.

I finally
understood what he meant by having me in his male bulge photos since I was
wearing a cock pouch under my pants that gave me quite the bulge. The photos he
was showing me were of him and a couple other guys wearing some really sexy
swimwear and focusing on the bulge that was being shown off. I instantly knew
that I was going to enjoy this because of the swimwear that I purchased
specifically for showing off the size of my cock to anyone that was willing to
take a look.

We set up a
time for me to have my male bulge photos taken and I was allowed to bring some
of the swimwear that I had mentioned to him. It was one of the most exciting
moments in my life and the photos came out very nice. I could see how sexy I
looked while wearing some of my swimwear and see just how prominent my bulge
was when looked at in certain angles. I was amazed at how turned on I was
because this guy was taking my photo and all I wanted to do was spend the rest
of my life modeling for him.  Needless to
say, we have a standing appointment now for photo shoots.


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