The Male Bulge Photos Dream

Taking my own male bulge photos is something that I will probably never get the chance to do in my lifetime, but something I often catch myself thinking about. I will be sitting at work focusing on what I am doing when suddenly I see a guy walking by that I simply have to take a picture of to add to my collection. I start to imagine what it would be like to get him in my home and have him wearing sexy swimwear that will really show off that bulge of his and all the fun we would have taking photos together.

Since I am not a photographer and there aren’t any guys in this small town that would let me take male bulge photos of them, I know that it is all a dream. But having a day dream like that isn’t such a bad thing as far as I am concerned. On the other hand, it would be nice to meet a couple of guys that would enjoy wearing something skimpy so that I could at least get a good look at their bulge. If I could find someone willing to do that, I think I could finally die a happy man.

I have been online looking for guys that are into male bulge photos and, while I have found quite a few of them, none of them seem to be anywhere close to me. The closest guy I have found is close to six hours away and even though he has told me I can stay at his house with him while we explore our photos together, I really don’t trust hooking up with complete strangers I met online. I would rather be safe and happy than hook up with someone that wanted to do harm to me. I probably watch too many crime dramas on television but that is just how I feel. So I’ll just keep looking for someone local to me.



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Taking Your Own Male Bulge Photos

Male Bulge Photos

Taking Your Own Male Bulge Photos

Some of the
hottest male bulge photos out there are from guys wearing the sexiest swimwear
on the planet. Now, you have probably already looked at plenty of photos online
and you know that in order to get the greatest looking photos those bulges have
to be in the best possible swimwear. You can’t get a good looking bulge on a
man while wearing something like baggy corduroy pants after all. You have to
find the photos of guys wearing something a bit more erotic in order to enjoy
the most amazing bulge photos you have ever seen.

There are a
lot of male bulge photos around that you can collect or just look, at but why
not start taking some of your own? This doesn’t mean you need to sneak around
on the beach taking pictures of guy’s crotches.
That can end up getting you into a good bit of trouble if you aren’t
careful. But you can get someone to take pictures or yours instead and all you
have to do is find some sexy swimwear to wear for the photo shoots. You might
find out that this is the best possible way of finding the perfect bulge photos
for your collection.


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Male bulge photos by cock and anal gear wicked toys

Male bulge photos by cock and anal gear

Showing off Your Male Bulge Photos

Male Bulge Photos

Showing off Your Male Bulge Photos

There are
some male bulge photos that you can find online that will have you wondering
why it is that guys would actually go about taking these kinds of pictures of
themselves and putting them out there for the world to see. Of course, it has
nothing to do with the morality of it, but more along the lines of them making
more money doing porn videos rather than just a few pictures snapped and posted
on a website for whatever reason. You know that if you have a bulge like that
you would want to show it off in a profitable way.

Now, if you
want to be able to take your own male bulge photos, then you will want to make
sure that the bulge you are taking photos of are shown in their best possible
light. You don’t want to take gimpy looking photos of that bulge of yours so
you need to wear something that is going to show it in a manner that proves to
the world that your bulge is the best one on the planet. That requires
something along the lines of pouch swimwear and even the more erotic options
that you can find out there online these days. Just be sure to show it off in the
best way possible.

Having Fun with Your Male Bulge Photos Collection

Male Bulge Photos

Having Fun with Your Male Bulge Photos

Most of the
male bulge photos you are going to find online are going to be of guys posing in
various clothing items. That is all fine and well if that is what you are
looking for, but there comes a time when a fetish like this needs to be a bit
more exact on what it is showing. When that time comes is when you want to see
these bulges in pouch swimwear items. Once you get your first look at a photo
of a man’s bulge in swimwear like this, you will wonder why you haven’t looked
for them before.

If you have
a male bulge photos fetish, then you are going to want to either scour the Internet
for pictures of guys wearing this kind of swimwear or you will want to purchase
some of these items and wear them yourself in your own photos. What better way to
add to your collection of awesome male bulges by throwing in some of your own?
You just have to be willing to get your partner to take some photos of you
wearing your new swimwear and have some fun with it. Then you can truly be a
part of your wonderful fetish.


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Beautiful male bulge photos you can almost taste by

Beautiful male bulge photos you can almost touch by

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Look at Male bulge photos

Male Bulge Photos

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Look at Male
Bulge Photos

You would
probably be surprised at how many guys out there love looking at male bulge
photos online. You would probably be even more surprised to find out that not
all of those guys are gay or even bi-curious. The aspect of straight men loving
to look at photos like this is something that the hardcore manly guys just
can’t comprehend by any stretch of the imagination, but it happens so often
that they can’t really deny it. You just have to accept that the male bulge is
an erotic thing to look at and enjoy the photos when you see them.

Never take
for granted the fact that male bulge photos can really give you something to
think about. You know you want to have a bulge like the ones that you are
seeing in those photos and the only way you are going to be able to do that is
by picking out some swimwear that has a nice pouch built into it. If you manage
to do that you can take photos of your own bulge and admire them anytime you
want. You can also carry those photos on your phone so that you can look at
them wherever you might be without the need of a computer.


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All Out Male bulge photos

All Out Male
Bulge Photos


I do not like
looking at male bulge photos that
are simply just that. I want those that are really all out when it comes to
showing off their bodies. I mean, you have the bulge, your body is certainly
great, then why not go all out and expose it for everyone to see? I am sure a
lot of people will pick up on this and then you can even become famous.

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I wanted to
become a male bulge as well. I wanted to have my male bulge photos upload to all the different online sites so that
people can see so that they can fantasize about me too. I am sure that a lot of
people will benefit greatly from what I can offer as well. And considering the
fact I haven’t had sex in a long time, I think it’s about time that I meet
someone new.

Male bulge photos by awesome bulge suits and models

Male bulge photos by awesome bulge suits and models


Now that I’m
talking about it, I am thinking of really creating my own male bulge photos. Instead of looking at those options that other
people can offer me with, why not make my own and satisfy more and more people?
I know for sure that I will go all out of this so a lot of people will really
me exciting.

Male bulge photos lovers

Kinky Male Bulge Photos For You and Me


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What I love most about male bulge photos is the fact that they are so raw and open that
they can become a window to your soul. With this in mind, I love to look at it
at all times because it reminds me that everything is possible. These people
who pose for these photos do so not only to entice you to look at them but even
more than that.


I remember seeing one of my good friends
post for male bulge photos and more
than it surprised it, it made me question why this is so. If people think that
people who pose here are immoral, think again. Rather, think that maybe these
people do what they are doing to fulfill certain missing parts of their life.
And when you look at it this way, you would become less judgemental of them.


This is why the next time you go looking
for male bulge photos, simply enjoy
the ride and enjoy what you’re seeing and forget about judging others. It’s
really going to be a great opportunity for you to look at these pictures
differently from the way you used to before.

Male bulge photos are what I like!

Male Bulge Photos

Any guy that
is interested in seeing male bulge
needs to consider what it takes to make those bulges so fantastic in
the first place. You will notice that a lot of the guys that are in these photos
are wearing swimwear items that have a pouch in the front to showcase their
package. Now, there are sites on the Internet where you can purchase your own
swimwear items that will give you the same bulge effect, and then you can take
your own pictures to look at.

If you want
to find out the best place to purchase items to take your own male bulge photos, then try You will see that almost every item they have to offer is going
to have pictures of men wearing them and showing off their bulges just for you.
Of course, they also sell quite a few feminization items on their website,
which means that you aren’t going to be able to see any bulges when you are
looking at their pictures. However, you can skip through those items, if you
want to. The main point is that you can have your own swimwear to give you that
bulging look you love so much.

The male bulge photos on will
show you exactly what this type of swimwear can give to you if you decide to
purchase something. Just think of how great it would be to wear something like
this and not have to worry about hiding your photos anymore. Instead of finding
that hidden folder on your computer, you can simply look down at your own bulge
and be in heaven for as long as you are wearing them. That sounds a lot better
than scouring the Internet for pictures of men wearing the same kind of
swimwear that you can easily purchase on your own.


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Male bulge photos sheer design by Beautiful cock gear

Male bulge photos sheer design by bluge enhancer

Drool Over Male Bulge Photos

Drool Over Male Bulge Photos

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Every time I look at male
bulge photos
, I can’t help myself from drooling. It’s like I’m lokoing at a
piece of body part that’s absolutely the best. It serves as a major turn on for
me especially when the bulge is extra bulky. Sometimes, I even forget to look
at the face of the guy because I am more interested at looking at his cock.


Sometimes too when I am alone in my room, I would check these male bulge photos and imagine that I am
touching the cock in front of me. It would usually serve its purpose of making
my dick harden and it would also help in making sure that I get my much
deserved cum for the day. Sometimes when I’m more in need of touching, I would
make myself cum more than once.


It has actually been a part of my daily routine to look at male bulge photos. Sometimes, when the
photo is really hot, I would usually save it on my computer to look at it on
rainy days or even more during summer time. I suggest you try checking the
photos out too and I am sure you will have the best time of your life.

Sheer male bulge photos

Male Bulge Photos

When it
comes to looking at male bulge photos,
there is nothing better than hitting up a site like and checking
out their models wearing all those sexy and erotic swimwear items. The best
thing about looking at this site is that you can end up finding all kinds of
items that you can purchase for yourself that will enable you to take your own
photos and show them off to your partner.
Of course, you could just let them see you in person, but if you want to
show them photos of your bulge, that is your decision.

You know
that your partner is going to absolutely love looking at your male bulge photos with you wearing those
sexy swimwear items from Even if you don’t have a partner, you
will look as sexy as you ever have before by wearing items that you have
purchased from, and you will get to take pictures of your own
bulge for fun. Then, you can post those pictures all over the walls of your
bedroom and look at them anytime you want to. There is nothing better than
looking at your very own set of male
bulge photos
and experiencing the fun and excitement you had when you took
those pictures. But no matter what you do with your new swimwear; you still
need to check out all the bulges that models have to offer you
with their photos so that you can see what you are going to look like.


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Male bulge photos by